How we can help & what we can offer

Family Physio offers physiotherapy intervention for babies, children and adolescents with neurological, developmental, respiratory and biomechanical disorders.

Family Physio can provide comprehensive assessments and reports (including those required for special educational needs). They can also provide therapy at home or in a nursery or school setting. They can provide home and school programmes. They can also give advice about equipment for home and school use, orthotics, footwear and toys.

One-off assessments and reports may also be required for the following reasons:

  • To check your child’s posture or gait, like an ‘MOT’ for your child!
  • Education & Health Care Plans (previously known as a statement of Special Educational Needs)
  • For tribunals
  • For access into college or university
  • For reassurance and peace of mind

Paediatric Physiotherapists can be both a guide and support to the child and their families. They give advice on how to include regular exercises and postural positioning into everyday living, in order to maximise function and independence and to enhance the child’s overall quality of life. Therapy is carried out through play in order for the children to be relaxed, motivated and most of all to enjoy themselves as they achieve.

Parental involvement in therapy sessions and also with home programmes is encouraged in order to maximise results.

If deemed necessary, especially when a child has complex needs, we can make referrals to other medical professionals for treatment or advice, with your consent.

Family Physio works in partnership with the NHS, GP's, Private practitioners and the local authority, when appropriate, to ensure a holistic approach at all times.